Bee honest cosmetics

Natural, bee friendly
cosmetics for face,
body and hair.

We keep bees preferably as far as possible away from us. But look at them in a different way. Besides that they are necessary for the pollination of our crops, they provide natural ingredients for beauty products.

Our philosophy, our passion

Through our Bee honest products we aim to share our passion for the versatility, freshness and wonder of nature in general and bees in particular. We believe that natural products are better for our own wellbeing and that of everything around us. And that taking good care of yourself should be an act of pleasure and love.   

How we do this?


  • By using honey or honey-related ingredients as a base. Or alternatively, by using good-quality natural raw materials, supplemented by delicious fragrances which titillate the senses.

  • By using the BDIH quality guarantee. Our products are not tested on animals and are free of mineral ingredients and synthetic fragrances, colouring agents and conservatives (our soaps are not BDIH certified).

  • By packaging that guarantees a good quality product and burdens the environment as little as possible.

  • By staying as affordable and therefore accessible as possible.