Bee honest cosmetics

Natural, bee friendly
cosmetics for face,
body and hair.

We keep bees preferably as far as possible away from us. But look at them in a different way. Besides that they are necessary for the pollination of our crops, they provide natural ingredients for beauty products.

Hair care

Beautiful hair, like a glowing complexion, is your visiting card. Who doesn't like to get a compliment about it?

In our vision, hair care based on gentle products using ingredients from natural sources is the best there is.  Our hair products are adapted to the individual needs of different hair types and combine mild cleansers with natural active ingredients.

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
Cade & thyme shampoo

Cade & thyme shampooanti-dandruff and sensitive scalp

Shampoo calendula

Shampoo calendula

Shampoo verveine & lemon

Shampoo verveine & lemonnormal to greasy hair

Conditioner olive & propolis

Conditioner olive & propolisdry and damaged hair

Shampoo camilla

Shampoo camilla(natural) blond hair

Shampoo unscented

Shampoo unscentednormal hair and sensitive hairscalp

Lavender & pollen shampoo

Lavender & pollen shampoonormal to fine hair

Mint shampoo

Mint shampoonormal to limp hair

Shampoo olive & propolis

Shampoo olive & propolisdry and damaged hair

Shampoo aloe vera & honey

Shampoo aloe vera & honeydry and colored hair

Shampoo rosemary & cypress

Shampoo rosemary & cypressnormal to greasy hair

Shampoo rose

Shampoo rosenormal to dry hair

Conditioner aloe vera & honey

Conditioner aloe vera & honeydry and colored hair

Calendula conditioner

Calendula conditionernormal hair & sensitive hairscalp

Conditioner camilla

Conditioner camilla(natural) blond hair

Shampoo cornflower

Shampoo cornflower